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Could use some help figuring out what they're doing in these songs

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Hey guys, I'm a long time lurker of these forums. Though, I signed up now 'cause I've gotta figure out what these guys are doing in these two songs(links below)-I'm expected to perform it soon.

I'm not sure which forum this goes in, so apologies if I've put it in the wrong place.

Tool- The Pot


Help would be much appreciated. Sounds to me like they're in mix of some kind, but the point is, I'm pretty new to the whole 'mix' concept, so.

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In the tool song a lot of the high As are belted chest voice. The intro is a lighter head voice. The Karnivool song is mixed sort of accordingly throughout with some of the higher passages being falsetto. Generally if it's high but not completely shouted it can be inferred that it is not 100% belted chest voice. That's not to say that one can't scream sing in mixed voice. That's what most high rock singing is.

Mixed voice is just one of many terminologies for singing done beyond the passaggio. Prepare to be very confused.

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One could call it mix and I think that's okay as long as it leads people to lighten as they go up, which does not mean to sound weak or lose volume.

I am probably the reigning fool for head voice. I didn't mention that they are using predominately head voice not because they aren't, but because it's not popular to use such terms in polite company. I am profane, with occasional bouts of reticence that can baffle even myself. And that should sound confusing.

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