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Need good voice doctor. Little Rock, AR/Memphis TN area...

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Help. I've hit some serious vocal troubles like a car hitting a wall going 100 mph. I'm a lyric bari who usually can sing soprano up to a high d like jens... well, not anymore. Not for a month. I'm not talking or singing at all right now, and I need a good doctor.

If anyone has any good people, let me know.

Don't think it's technique btw. I've been getting better and better for the past 5 years consistently with no big trouble. It's got to be something physical...

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Call the voice clinic folks (otolaryngology department) at Vanderbilt Univ. Nashville, ask who they'd recommend in your area. They are one of the best centers in the region & should have some referrals for you.

best regards - Joanna

(PS my husband is a tuba player too, helicon & euphonium, we've had some interesting chats about differences in breath use between low brass & human larynx!)

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