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So I'm sure some of you saw my cover a few days ago, where I attempted to play the song on keyboard. I'm not sure why I posted that, I wasn't happy with my keyboard playing at all. :lol:

Anyway, here is another version with the instrumental. I wanted to post this because I took on some advice from my last thread, particularly CunoDante's golden advice about unveiling my personality. I tried to do that here, using a song that is personal for me, and has some emotional high notes.


This is also a fairly important moment for me, as it's the last singing I'll be doing for a while. I had braces put on after recording this, and while they don't interfere with my tone, they have absolutely ruined my diction. So unfortunately, singing will have to wait, at least until my overjet has been corrected. I am choosing to look at this positively though: this will finally give my voice a break from singing, and I'll come back with a healthier, fully-rested voice. :P

Please let me know what you think. As always, I greatly appreciate your comments. :)

Much <3,


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