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excellent video on vowels

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you know, you can never learn enough...i particularly like this video because he not only explains vowel modification, but also talks to what you do once you're modified how to back into the appropriate shade

really helped me a lot.


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Also, in his other video about chest, mix, and head, he points out that his voice has never had much "chest" as others might describe it. Yes, he did say that out loud. That sounds an awful lot like, certain voices can do certain things, regardless of system. Oh, the scandal.

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My bad. I assumed, Bob, that you had signed up for the emails of his free videos to you. Right after video 1 comes, surprisingly enough, video #2. And then the others. I guess, now, you just cherry-picked this video and didn't bother with the others. So, I accidently referred to something you hadn't seen.

Thanks, Chavie, for linking it in.

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Change the number in the address to 2 instead of 5.

Nevermind here lol


Better yet - experiment with changing the numbers from 1 to 7. Hint, hint. ;)

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