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My singing samples

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Hi everyone.

I just started singing and I'm doing the CVT school of singing.

My problem has been support and throat tension and I think that I didn't inhale enough before singing. The first two examples:

Bobby Hebb - Sunny


Bill Withers - Ain't no Sunshine


The third example is when I tried to inhale more before singing. I was also trying the flame/exhaling trick. Where you sing in front of a flame (like a lighter in my case) and make sure it doesn't flicker. I know the pitch is off but I was really focusing on the breathing part.



My problems with singing is the throat tension, I can't project my voice out and I don't feel like I can create a nice tone/melody. I think it's most connected to my support though. I have begun doing breathing exercises now though and try to inhale a bit before I do my support.

But yeah any ideas on how to improve and what to improve? Really appreciate it!

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One suggestion to help would be to sing more from your diaphragm, from the sound on your recordings it seems like you are singing in your throat which is causing you to tighten up, instead try relaxing your throat and letting it all flow from down low.

hope this helps,


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Agreed, you are singing in the throat. Feel the note in your head. At least feel it even with the back of your nose. What you need is more legato. One note continues into another. You almost get there a few time with "I Believe I can Fly." And that totally has to do with breath management. You are cutting your own air before the end of the note. Imagine the note continuing after you stop singing the note.

Let me tick some people off by saying that singing is not like speaking, especially the way that most people speak. Second, let your tone soften a little bit. Again, you don't have to sing like you speak.

I think there were a few pitch and intonation issues but they would mainly be addressed by keeping your breath going for the note.

And you have certainly picked some difficult songs to start with. Especially as it sounds like you are, at this time, singing in baritone, or at least with some baritone weight.

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I think you've got good potential as your pitch is excellent and so is your rhythmic sense. You are right, you need to shed the throat tension. I'm not sure what kind of vocal workout you are doing with CVT, but it seems that a good workout - with proper vowel modification - would benefit you greatly in getting rid of the tension.

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