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"Heaven On Their Minds" from "Jesus Christ Superstar"

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I posted a version of this a few weeks back and got some good feedback - thanks everyone!

I listened to your feedback, practised more, worked through some Kevin Richards lessons, and also used a new mic., with these results:


I'm much happier with it now. Any suggestions for improvements or further work?

If not, I think I'll move onto something else now, does anyone have any suggestions of something which presents some similar challenges and variety? (and for which a backing track might exist)


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Guitargeorge (he knows all the chords, sorry, I remember when Dire Straits came out with the "Sultans of Swing"), really good on going soft on the intro and some of the lyrics. It provides the emotional depth I remember from raspy Carl Anderson's version in the movie. Other times, I hear shades of Tom Jones. Yeah, I know he's welsh but I mean it as a compliment. It means you have a big voice. Bigger than Carl's.

I think it was a perfect performance. And I just had a flash of what was a good thought, for me. If we could have been in a production together I would sing the title role against your Judas role. Wouldn't that be fun.

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  • 2 years later...

So... it's 2 years on from when I posted this. I must have sung it in private several hundred times since the recording above. I returning to it as it is my sort of nemesis/practice piece. For me has loud, soft, rocky, mellow, slow and fast. Also, it stretches my range at the top.

Listening back the recording above I realise I can now sing it a lot better. I'll post a new version when I get a chance.

Anyway, I am a member of the local community musical theatre group - I sang in "Oliver!" with them earlier this year. They had a christmas party last night, with a Karaoke. This song was on the Karaoke list, and so I went for it.

I absolutely nailed it! I was very happy indeed.

Some of those present had seen Superstar on a high profile professional Arena tour in the UK this year. I have several comments that my version stood comparison with the singer in that production (Tim Minchin).

I have learnt that it's one thing to sing difficult stuff in the privacy of my home studio (aka family study) with the safety net of doing retakes and with no audience, and its quite another thing to do it live.

So... it was only Karaoke, not an Arena, but nevertheless I felt very good about it :)

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