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Do I have the right type of vibrato?

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Although I can sing with some vibrato some of the time, I find my vibrato not very appealing, compared to professional singers.

I read that there is natural vibrato (the desired type) and diaphragm vibrato (the wrong type). I'm worry I might have developed the wrong type.

How can I tell which type of vibrato I have?

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I like the way Steven Fraser describes the true natural vibrato. With proper fold adduction and a relaxed throat and the right amount of air pressure at the folds, the folds will set up a secondary oscillation that cause the glottis to vary. It is laryngeal vibrato but it is not forced.

Others, such as Sebastian Bach, force vibrato with tongue and/or jaw movements, others, usually amateurs, will try to create vibrato with their breathing, what you mistakenly called diaphragmatic vibrato. The real vibrato will come from having the right technique of breath pressure and fold closure. You won't even have to "think" about creating it. It will be there.

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