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Stop and Stare - OneRepublic Cover...

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Hey guys, just thought I'd ask for your opinions and thoughts for using my lower range, which i couldn't use before due to lack of range.

Now, I'm getting more confident on using it... but I'm a little unsure. Just simply tell your opinions and anything thanks!




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It was a little shaky and pitchy at first but then you relaxed and took off with it. Your voice is totally suited to this indie folk rock vibe. I could totally hear your version on an episode of "Scrubs" or "Psych."

Run with it. Write your own stuff and then do like Moby. Get your stuff synchro - licensed to movies and shows. That's what he did, before he ever played big shows. Find the people who are music supervisors on shows and movies (pay attention to the credits.) Get your stuff copyrighted and then arrange to have your stuff in a synchronous license (music used in a motion picture.) With any luck, other people will like it and want to "cover" it and then you extend a mechanical license or register with BMI or ASCAP and they take care of it for you.

Maybe that's too much for you, right now. But I think you have a good feeling going on for this type of music.

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