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I think I might have destroyed my voice...

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I am 18 years old and have been a singer for about 2-3 years, never doing it in a very concentrated and serious manner- that means I've had a lot of gigs and which i sang without warming up. I feel like I've abused my voice quite a bit and I understand how foolish and irresponsible it is.

I went to my friend's house yesterday and we had a couple of beers, in the spur of the moment i sang a little bit ("Voices" by Dream Theater- some pretty serious high notes) which in itself was stupid and irresponsible. I must stress that I only sang in total for about a little less than a minute.

Today I'm experiencing something I cant recall ever having, which is a sore throat the day after I sang. It's pretty seriously sore, an hour back I almost fell asleep on my bed but the pain kept me up and I had to go drink some warm water to relieve it. I am terribly afraid right now. considering the very short duration of time in which I sang, it's clear that my vocal durability is at an all time low.

So here is my question:

What measures should I take in order to help my voice recover and bring things back to a nice clean sheet(I understand that might not be entirely possible) so I can start booking lessons with a vocal coach and taking this whole thing more seriously(for that I need to be able to sing again). Someone has suggested that I should stop talking for as long as I can in the next couple of days, is that too much?

Thank you.

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Most important step is to be examined by a doctor who specializes in voice care (not sinuses, tonsills, ears...) - and get a throat exam using videostroboscopy, interpreted by a team that includes a speech therapist and a singing specialist, alongside the doctor. The best clinics are run this way and it is worth traveling to one rather than waste time & funds on doctors who can't really help.

meantime, YES, rest voice as much as possible for 3-5 days, minimal talking or singing, in case there is a hemorrhage threatening to burst,

work with a singing teacher or coach is best after you are healed.

(late night here) brain & eyes are drooping so I will spare you further gibberish.


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