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My IRON MAIDEN covers can be found here

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First off, soundclick works for me everytime. Way easier to deal with than the russian site you were using for your Scorpions cover, which I still can hear. I dare you to post your Scorpions cover on soundclick so that we can hear it.

Bruce is a dramatic tenor and I would classify you as more lyric. And so, this was an excellent lyric tenor version of the original song. It sounds as if Klaus Meine had covered the song.

I imagine you are getting tired of people comparing you to Klaus. I can't help it, myself. You sound so much like him, it's just uncanny. Are you sure you are not Klaus and borrowing the photo of some guy young enough to be your son as a login pic?

And there is nothing wrong with that. You definitely have a wagnerian approach. Strong pronunciation of lyrics wedded to a story arch in a song. Excellent performance, I think.

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ronws, thank you. I assure you I'm not Klaus and I've never been with Scorpions :)

Thank you for understanding my humor. Sometimes, I can say something that I meant to be funny and others won't get the humor.

You have such a crazy good lyric tenor voice with that european flair, though you are russian.

And we need your sound in the music world. According to their own press, Scorpions are retiring. The album, Sting in the Tail, (which I have, and my wife has the Scorpions Greatest Hits) is supposedly their last album.

Someone must take up the lance of "that" sound. In so doing, don't be in such a hurry to lose your accent. It can be an endearing thing and will certainly separate you from the crowd, which is more important than what your highest or lowest note is. Think of the greatest singers you know. It's not the highest note they can hit. It's the unique sound of their voice when you hear a song. For example, Bruce Dickinson. An Iron Maiden song comes on the radio and there is no mistaking it. That is golden.

You've got something unique. Treasure it.

And damn it, put out an album, already.

Andn it's not about being perfect. You've got the cajones to get out there and do this. You cannot spend the rest of your life (and I don't think that you have been) in your bedroom being able to sing every single song there is like the original singer of whatever song.

Get out there and be Jugulator, to the ultimate. Make Podrovksy Alliance a household name. Let's say we shorten the name. Pod Alliance. Pod People. The Alliance. By this time next year, I would expect even my grandmother to have heard of the new album by Alliance.

She went to the proprietary youtube channel for the Alliance and paid for a full album download to her I-Pad. And then liked it so much, she bought the album of cover tunes, "Rusty Memories."

Like the Nike commercial, "just do it."

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