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I paln on doing a remix to Neyo's "REAL THING" R&B song

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I'll do a rap remix to it, I'll rpa one verse and an other guy form the USA is gonna rap 1 and a hlaf verse. I'll sing the hook and the first verse.


Me singing


I'll postt it here whne it's done in maybe 10 days. I'll record it in a firend friends studio hopefully. I'll try not to laugh to much or be embarassed when I have to do the rap part :D.

Here are the lyrics to my rap verse ;

(I need 1 more rhyme inbetween to have 8 rhymes

I put in capital letters only the words that rhyme which aren't at the end of sentences, it doesn't stand for shouting)

If you didn't have that RING we could work it out

but you already said yes to HIM it's not worth it now

this flame between us we need to burn it out

I still love you too and can understand that you're hurtin now

but we can't let desire blind us keep it realsitic

3 persons 1 relationship doesn't look optimistic

this MUST END, he's you're HUSBAND, you can't let him go

and I'll be quiet like a grave if you don't wanna let him know

marriage ain't a game we ain't playing checkers

I don't wanna do that I'm not one of these homewreckers

all this time we argued about it all the messages you've been sending

floating trough my mind the answer is still pending

it's hard for me to tell you that we're just pretending

with me you only got a fairytale with him an happy ending

You're advices about my vocals are greatly apreciated. I hear the original has so many harmonies aka background vocals to make it sound much better.

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