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Sem você não Viverei

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You think because no one has commented that you are judged as bad?

I thought people thought me as being sensitive but you've got me beat. (and yeah, I might get banned for being direct. So be it.)

It is nice to hear you sing in your native tongue and you sound more relaxed. And it explains why you have the sound that you do, which is brassy, because your language has some nasal resonance. Which is not a bad thing.

This is a good version of this song and I think you do have the ability to do ballads and some R & B. Please remember that you are in a forum where people are searching to have the sound of Axl Rose, or Brian Johnson, or Rob Halford, or David Coverdale sound. Rather than the sound of Gio Vanelli. Some people here spend quite a bit of time perfecting rasp, as opposed to your clean, romantic sounding voice. I think you should have this song in your regular set. Especially if you want women giving you their phone numbers after your performance. You could easily be the south american Tom Jones.

Well done, even if no one else thinks so. And, don't worry if someone doesn't respond immediately. Most people didn't respond to half of the songs I uploaded because it wasn't along the lines of "Still of the Night" by Whitesnake, or something similar. That is, you might get more response in a thread or place that values ballads and love songs.

Fortunately, you have me here. :cool:

I like all kinds of music, even rap, though I really only like the early rap of people such as Tone Loc, who wasn't really a singer. But man, he had such a "feel." But I digress.

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I think it sounds really good. I think the rhythmic "tightness" between the vocals and the guitar is a strong point in this song. Your voice fits this song really well. Good tone, good technique. Great job overall - good performances.

Sometimes people are really busy and don't always have time to check out all the new song posts. But usually someone will post something eventually. It's true for me, I don't have a lot of time and it's kind of random how many songs I check out each night (if any). What always helps is to post on someone else song. They'll appreciate it and usually return in kind.

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