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Drumming and lead Vocals

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I have a couple questions for the forum.

Does anyone have any tips and tricks for drumming and singing?

I have been slowly improving my breathing technique, moved my cymbals within reach without leaning, and have been able (with a lot of practice) improve my posture to minimize the amount of movement in my torso.

our band plays heavy, fast punk/hardcore rock and I am finding it very energy intensive to play a full song at 220bpm and sing.

whats next? any ideas?

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Woah - 220 bpm and you're still singing? That's quite an achievement!

I normally use a mic on a boom coming in from as high as the stand will go. I tried using a headset for more freedom while playing drums but it meant that I couldn't give off-mic cues or cough without it going into the PA...

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