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Overdrive attempt : Sam's Town - The Killers

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So I happened to have my day free, and seeing as there is absolutely nobody home, I was like 'Hey man, let's try to get some loud things done'. I'm not a big fan of scales so I picked up some songs and tried my hand at some overdrive shout chest whatever you name it. It MAY not be it, and I probably lose it half the time, but I'm almost certain I did the right thing the other half of the time.

The song is Sam's Town, by the Killers. I think I already did a cover for this, but it's probably better kept in the abyss of forgetness :P

I love this song, and there are a couple sounds I liked a little, so I thought I should post it here both for confirmation it is overdrive, and for reviewing too.

I am absolutely aware that I'm not always in time... Well that's because... I couldn't hear the music sometimes. I exagerated the volume a little just to be sure (and turned down the mic a little, and kept it farther away from my mouth too). Also, some of the highest notes in the chorus are really weird. I have absolutely no explanation for this :lol:

Original :

The oddity : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14571174/Sam%27s%20Town%20-%20The%20Killers%20%28overdrive%20cover%29.mp3

On a side note, while it's far from their best performance, seeing this video makes me wanna grow my moustache and hair again :cool:

I will try to make a cleener take sometime in the near future. I've been here for almost a year, so I'll call it my anniversary take.

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