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Haven't uploaded anything in a while... Think progress has happened :)

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Waddup TMV!!! I haven't posted anything in one hell of a long time! Hope everyone has been well!!

Anyway, I feel I've been making steady progress since my last post with lessons from Rob Lunte and also the help of Daniel Formica who is also a really great instructor. I owe both of these people so much.

So yeah, I wanted to post something and face your criticism. I need pure honesty as school starts again soon and I NEED to be the best male vocalist there (my ego will allow for nothing less). So gimme some grilling and maybe some helpful advice :)

So here are two recordings. I used only sound recorder, no editing, no snipping, no nothing! I don't have time to make a professional quality recording and also I want criticism on my voice as it sounds, not as it is edited. We are, afterall, here to learn.

1) Man in the Mirror - MJ: http://www.box.net/shared/fy180g3tsjcidbrlnmr0

I mess up the guitar work a lot. It's really rough. I was sat here with my friend pondering what song to do and he just threw it out there that I should do an MJ song. No biggie. Ignore the terrible guitar work and all the mistakes and tell me what I can do better on the voice :)

2) Walk - Foo Fighters: http://www.box.net/shared/e0puhx2mn7nejocj21ip

This song is awesome!! I was recently in Germany and it was all I could listen too. The new album rocks!! :D

Honest critique please guys and girls! I've thick skin so don't hold back! Do bare in mind, this is all one take, no editing, no studio magic or any of that crap. Think of this as a live sound (not a very well rehearsed one either :P)


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and I NEED to be the best male vocalist there

That's so good!

1) Man in the Mirror

Right form the beginning i can hear you are straining your voice just a little bit. More freely singing is required.

The higher part contains to much air in same places.

However =====> great job. That was really cool singing.

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Congradulations on your progress! It sounds good. I agree with devaitis. Sounds like the song is not totally "in your voice" yet. That will come with apractice. Good thing is I think you are coordinating correctly in the upper register, so the right technique is there. Practice should smooth everything out - getting rid of the the tension that you have in certain spots, and focusing the vowels. Keep up the good work and keep us posted.

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First off, I dare any one here, even the dear departed MJ to sing this song while playing guitar. Go ahead ... I'm waiting ... really ... any one with half an ounce of chutzpah that Nathan has .... (crickets chirping)

No takers?


Hey Nathan, on the second song, "Walk," you actually reminded me of Bon Jovi, with that "bedroom" voice. Seriously, keep this version in your set. Women will be giving you their phone numbers. Your voice is way finer than Dave Grohl's and his was better than Kurt's (oops, there, I've said it ...)

I don't have anything I can say in the way of critique. Then, again, I don't post just to critique so that I can appear knowledgable. If I like something, I like it. And I liked this.

Just an idiot redneck fan that would buy your album if you would put one out.

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