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Don Dokken

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Anybody know what's wrong with Don Dokken's throat? I went and saw him a few nights ago, and he sounded awful... Clenching for every note above a middle c. Just completely puttering out around a A4. Poor guy sounds like he has some real serious issues right now. Sad thing considering how good that guy sounded back in the day.

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Dude, chances are likely that most of us were not where you were a few nights ago to see Dokken live. And without even a crappy phone vid of the concert, we won't have any idea what you are talking about. Do you know for a fact that his problem was at A4? I probably sound like a jack-ass but did you have a pitch-finder in your phone to test what pitch he was at? Just wondering about the technical details.

No, I not a fan of Don and actually thought of him as something of a self-possessed prima donna. It's just hard for me to pass judgement if I haven't heard the performance in question. Or did you just catch him on an "off" night. Happens to the best, even Rob Halford, who offers his own critical appraisal of himself onstage. If he sings a crappy note, he will give a thumbs down. Now, there's a humble man.

So, do you have a link of the performance you are talking about?

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Well not to sound like an ass, but I have perfect pitch and that's how I knew what notes were sounding like shit.

To be more clear, it sounded like all the notes that used to be head voice past his break just couldn't get adducted enough to blend with his chest voice.

Really, I'm just trying to figure out if anybody else has seen him recently. I know he had a vocal surgery a while ago and just started performing again in February. I think the guy is just toast. I mean I figured if anyone had seen him at all over the past few years they would know what I'm talking about.

Lesson: Drinking, smoking, and a hard life will kill your voice.

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