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Interesting Issue... To sing or not to sing.


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So I've had a cold for a week. Since I've had it I've had a lower voice, virtually zero falsetto, however I'm still able to sing nice and loud all the way up to almost a soprano C loudly. Softly I can only hit maybe a tenor C in falsetto. My voice doesn't hurt, but I'm kind of afraid to really use my voice since I've always used my falsetto to kind of gauge my vocal health.

Something is keeping me from making soft sounds, but letting me make loud ones and sing cool low notes I usually don't have. (I've got a baritoney sounding F now... usually I just barely have an A). I'm in no pain, everything just feels thicker. I'm guessing it's just the mucous from the cold. Not really straining or anything bad... Sang a whole show with it Saturday with plenty of Journey, Judas Priest, Foreigner, and stuff like that, and voice is actually a little better now than it was then.

Am I playing with fire and testing my luck, or is this one of those things singers can just sing through?

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I've noticed this as well. Everytime I get a cold or some slight congestion. I have almost no falsetto.

My take on it is, the vocal cords are weighed down with the mucus and if you try to sing in falsetto the mucus is to heavy for them to vibrate properly. Make sense to you? It's like wearing ankle weights and trying to slowly move without using much muscle.


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Yeah... I think you're exactly right. I've been without the cold for a few days. My sinuses are still a bit swollen from the infection and giving a bit too much postnasal drip, but all the falsetto is back. Unfortunately, some of the louder notes above G5 are not... Dang...

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