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MY suggestion would be many things...

1) Since you've quit smoking you're surely going to gain some weight... Be sure and exercise 30 minutes or so everyday, and count those calories to keep your weight way down.

2) Be sure and drink when you're thirsty and try to eat foods with a lot of water content everyday like fresh fruits and greens.

3) Take 10-15 minutes before you sing to warm up on a concentrated hum (or buzz) in the mask. Make a MMM sound and put every bit of sound up in your mask on a pitch that reflects your speaking voice. Don't go very high at all just keep the pitch relaxed but the buzz very concentrated without tensing. This will help you adjust to the voice as it changes without the cigs.

4) Steam the voice with a steamer, pot of water, or in the shower 3-4 times a day. This will help your damaged smoky tissues heal faster and reduce the swelling that is probably causing your temporary mucous.

5) Try some plain old Mucinex (not the mucinex D).

6) Stay away from caffeine like the plague.

7) Go to bed early for a couple weeks and take a natural sleep aid like melatonin with some chamomile tea to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

8) Try your best not to get sick for the next couple weeks. I've found people that quit smoking and get a cold tend to get stressed out and start smoking again... So wash your hands, keep as much distance between other people as possible... Try not to go to smoky clubs! This is the worst for many reasons. 1) You're around people with weakened immune systems (everyone is drinking and smoking) 2) It is loud and you tend to shout at people 3) Because it is hard to hear people you tend to get close to them when speaking. It's a infection triple threat...

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