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Hi all,

I'm worried that I may have done serious damage to my voice. I'm 45, been singing for about 30yrs and have never experienced this particular problem. A couple of days before rehearsal I developed what I believe to be a mild case of the flu; fever, chills, heavy duty congestion, etc. The day of rehearsal I was feeling about 80% better and was confident that I was not contagious, so I decided to give it a go.

Things went well for the first 3hrs, but abruptly I lost everything above F2 to a breathy squeak. This is especially disturbing given that I regularly sing songs by Yes, Led Zeppelin, Styx, Journey etc and am normally able to do it with minimal effort and with good power.

Anyone out there with an idea of what might have caused this and what I should do about it? I'm still experiencing a lot of sinus drainage but really have no pain or soreness to speak of. This is especially pressing as we have a show in less than a week.

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You must be european (I learn something once in a while :lol: ). In America, that would be F5, if I am not mistaken. We define Middle C on the piano as C4.

I see no one replied and you haven't updated this thread. So, I assume everything went okay. More than likely, you were dealing with sinus drainage and phlegm. The congestion from the lungs was depositing gunk on the folds, I bet. Still, singing up to F5 with the flu? I would have said, re-arrange the high notes a little bit. Other pros do that.

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Hi - your friendly speech pathologist here - if you are still having trouble of any kind you should get your vocal cords looked at by the best ENT doctor you can get to (and afford). Someone who really understands the singing voice. Sudden loss of voice is not normal in typical cold+laryngitis swollen-cords scenario. Singing vigorously on swollen cords can put you at risk for a hemorrhage (busted blood vessel) & result is not pretty.

If your voice is resolving at about the same rate as the rest of your symptoms, at least be careful for another week or two. Don't push to any kind of extremes, don't "test" your voice too often, just give it time/ steam/ rest/ gentle exercise.

cheers -


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