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Hey Rob

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Just ordered 4 pillars + 3 internet lessons.

Looking forward to learning from you. :)

I'm more into Alt Rock (Radiohead) than metal and hard rock. Technique is technique though, and I haven't had much success with other vocal methods (Singing Success). I'm a baritone, and I've been feeling kind of restricted lately since there are so many songs I'm unable to sing due to lack of range.

I've mostly been working on my own by recording myself and fixing things, but learning to bridge properly is a bit difficult.

Here's my soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/throughtheforests

Anyone have any tips for a newbie to this method? :lol:

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Not yet! I'll probably schedule one tomorrow, I'm thinking friday.

I work 8am-4pm weekdays, so anything that doesn't conflict with that is good.

I was a bit busy today so I didn't finish the lectures, I'll definitely finish it up tomorrow.

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Are you in Seattle or are we doing an Internet lesson? In any case, I do have 1 slot open for the weekend at 2:00 tomorrow... other then that, I am totally booked out all weekend... go to the online calendar and let me know what time you want to come in or have your sesh. Choose any day and time that reads "FREE" and then email me to request and confirm. www.thevocaliststudio.com/onlinecalendar

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