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Ice (an original)

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Dude, I am an aging hippie. I was first exposed to classical. Progressed to Glen Campbell. And cut my teeth on Uriah Heep. And Led Zeppelin. When I started playing guitar at the age of ten, every young lady I knew wanted to hear "Stairway to Heaven." And I found peace and comfort in the classical influences of heavy metal, as well. I was never heavy into R & B and it's love child, hip-hop. But I like this song. Quit fiddling around and produce and release this thing already.

Don't think you can do it? New Sickest Kids of the World started as three guys trading music files on myspace and now they are a "band" with tours and albums.

Trust me, you are only young, once. Make your fortune now, invest it later. Unless you like living in obscurity. That might be your bag, I don't know.

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