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Female or male student, is there a difference?

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Hi everybody,

I was wondering what the differences are in teaching a male singer or a female singer. Does it makes too much difference to teach someone from the opposite gender?

In my case (I'm female), I have mainly studied with female instructors, the desition was based on what the instructors method was and if I heared something that really catched my ear!

My first teacher was a tenor, and I studied some classical with him. I had a good experience, but I noticed that I understand better a female instructor. I think because they use their body in the same way, it's easier to explain how some things should feel like.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't study with someone the opposite gender... I'm just wondering how different it could be, what considerations an instructor should have.

Take care everybody.


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Dear Ursula,

Men have a longer overlap between head and chest than female singers do - they have many more notes where they have their choice of registration.

For that reason I feel more comfortable with female students but I think that is a personal choice.


Roberta Prada, New York City www.voxmentor.com

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I spoke to someone yesterday who is writing a book on the subject and he says Blanche Marchesi only taught women. So I am in good company. I actually intuit what contraltinos are doing because they sound like me but I would not mess with their voices.



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