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Robert Lunte How To Sing Volume

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Hi guys!:D

First of all I want to say that im new at this forum and my english isnt that great cause im german but now to my point:

Im 16 years old and a huuuuuuuge metal fan!!

I play the Bass-guitar, the E-Guitar and the drums and I figured out that I want to try learning how to sing too.

First I searched for a teacher but its a little expensive to me :P

After that I luckily asked the singer of Skull Fist ( if you like Heavy Metal you should check them out: http://www.myspace.com/skullfisted :)) via Fagbook how he learned to sing.

I dont have very much money and i dont want to spend 90$ for 20 minutes video-material, thats why im asking you guys first!

And how long can I practise with that first DVD???

btw.: I allready read some stuff about Robert Lunte's DVDs and that they are kinda great but I couldnt find anything about the length of the DVD.

Cheers to all of you,


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Robert Lunte (at a lower cost)- check out his program too (4 Pillars of Singing 2.0), and he's always available to answer any questions you may have. The end result is if you're looking to invest in your voice, it's gonna be very tough to do for about $20.. specially if you're a beginner.. Sign up for a few lessons with a coach (even on skype if you need to) intially, till you understand how the voice works. Its invaluable.

Hope this helps


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