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Another speech therapy class

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Coming from a speech therapy perspective, I find pronouncing vowels in elongated, loud speaking voice volume, as correctly and cleanly as possible, very beneficial for reading texts loudly and clearly, as well as singing. I go in the natural phonetical circle in the mouth, "Feet, fit, fed, fat, fun, fog, for, full, food, fur, feet." I also do the same thing in the witches cackle voice. I practice on twang and chord closure in each vowel, that I pronounce them unforced and unstressed. Finally, I mix in real, full voice speech and some singing.

I was practicing on the diphthong "boat" just now, and my singing seemed to benefit from consciously singing the schaw in "boat" below the hard palate, where the schwa lives, and then moving the second vowel in the boat diphthong, "oo," towards the soft palate/velum, where it lives. Am I imagining things?

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