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Bad pitch and new to singing... a little help?

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Hello all,

I have the worst sense of pitch. If I pull out an keyboard and play a note, I may sing as flat as 6 semi-tones. I am completely off. Maybe only a semi-tone or two if I hum though. But even when the chromatic tuner says I'm on, it sounds very sharp to my ears. Everything really needs work.

So I've decided to match my pitches on single tones first and getting comfortable with singing and being able to hear when I am right on pitch or when I'm a little off. Obviously, in my case, this will take a lot of work. I've got the "Singing Success" course from a friend but right away could tell it was too advanced for me at this period.

I really just need something that will help me first sing notes on pitch. I've read about playing different notes on a keyboard, and then singing along to them, matching them with a chromatic tuner. And when I move up to the next note, hear what I should be singing before I sing it, or even singing the note before playing it on the keyboard. Then I can work on scales and such and then some random intervals all within my range.

Does this sound pretty solid? Is there anything else anyone can recommend? I do not have the financial means right now to take lessons from a professional, but I could probably buy a good piece of software to do pitch-matching or something. I was looking at the software, "Singing Coach", is this any good?

Also, is there anyway to tell what kind of a singer I am? I have a low voice, and would either be Bass or Baritone. How should I find my range, just sing the lowest note possible and sing the highest note I can sing comfortably before my voice breaks?

Thanks everybody,


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You answered your own question, Matthew. The tone analyzer said you were on pitch, but you thought it sounded wrong. Therefore, your estimation of your pitch is wrong. You need to let go of that. If the pitch analyzer says you are on pitch, you have to learn to accept that.

(Hammer on nail) singing is mental. The hardest thing to do is change your mind.

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