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Keith, it's not how long you've been singing, it's how you sing.

I absolutely love your version. I like it better than Jeff Buckley's. Seriously. Find a way to travel to north Texas and I will tell you that to your face. Well, sort of. I am probably taller than you. So, I will have to squat just a smidge.

And I'm glad to know the future is safe in the hands of young'ns like you. :lol:

I'm older than you but I think we have the same heart, regardless of chronological differences. And I have found, with singing, I still feel like I am 15 years old (when I first started really working it on "Stairway to Heaven." Man, that was a lifetime ago. When I was 15, I could manage falsetto but it would be another another 9 years and a really good book before I learned to get full voice in my upper range.)

Anyway, rock on, twin brother from another mother.

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