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How does Scott Weiland get this vocal effect?

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Watch this video of Scott Weiland live in VR.

Throughout this song he has a whiny, gravely voice.

I know how to get that whiny quality pretty easily, it's basically that witch/cackle placement, forgot what it's really called; "pharyngeal" I believe.

But how do you get the distortion in the voice like that, especially while having your voice somewhat pinched like he's doing it?

That vocal distortion is similar to Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, but Scott is doing something additionally difficult I think, because Chad's voice sounds relaxed when he sings, which is usually how people say is a prime factor in distorting the voice like that, but Scott's voice doesn't sound very relaxed.

What I'm referring to specifically, for example is at 1:44-1:55 where he says "You got no right, to keep me waiting here. You got no right, to keep the pain in here". That tone he had was great. He didn't sound like he was pulling chest voice straining there.

Elsewhere at higher pitches he did sound kinda strained however.

But how'd he get that tone at 1:44-1:55 without straining at the top of his range?

He seems to be doing the same thing here several times in this VR cover of Interstate Love Song. That gritty strained sound, yet not straining at the top of his range. (I do concede that he's all over the place in this video though.)


How do you do that? It sounds like something is vibrating in the back of his throat or something. It can't be vocal fry, because you lose it when you push that hard. What do you think?

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Thanks for the replies, guys.

Jeran, you could be right, but I disagree because his voice doesn't sound like he's trying to "relieve constipation" to me, which is what I and others sound like when we close it down like you mentioned. There is a forced quality to it that I agree with you on, however.

Americanritual, could you elaborate a little more? Perhaps post an audio clip of what you're talking about? I can usually get it a lot clearer and easier when I hear several people demonstrating the same technique.

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