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How many songs per night?

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I'm curious how many songs the average vocalist out there performs on a given night. I'm a rock/alternative vocalist and we average 45 to 50. Although it was really difficult in the beginning, I've found over the years that my voice has actually gotten stronger and I have much more range than I did when I was in my 20's. That being said, it's difficult to belt it out for two straight nights at 50 songs a pop.

I know to rest my voice and I drink plenty of tea between performances. I went to the local herbal store and got some "singer's saving grace" throat spray which works pretty well, although it tastes aweful. I also use slippery elm lozenges. What am I missing? Is there any magic remedy that folks in my position have used successfully?

Again, what I'm doing seems to work, but it still takes me a set or two the second day to get all the kinks worked out! By the fifth set on day two, I gotta tell ya, I'm spent!

Also, do you feel we are playing too much per night and should dial it back? Or is this pretty average. I thought that we were really doing a bunch of songs, given that most professional touring musicians only go for a couple of hours. We start at 9 and end at 2 am. I could be wrong...


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That's a lot of tunes bro'! I sing in a top 40 dance band and we also average roughly 50 songs a night. BUT...we have 3 singers:)

I would say you are in a very tough situation. Of course, with PERFECT technique and great monitors, your voice shouldn't be too stressed. But you may not have the PHYSICAL strength to keep your support engaged(which keeps the voice nice and free.)

Maybe try to stretch the tunes(assuming your not using tracks) with some long guitar solos and such. I'm in the process of launching an 80's Rock schtick band(I would be the only singer,) and have the same concerns.

Best of luck.

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Hi there - just chiming in. I play in a rock/alt/pop cover band....we also play from around 9pm-1am each show...what really matters is how much time we need to cover, and not counting breaks, thats three hours of music. I can get away with 42- 44 songs per night, but I "front" the band actively. 50? Wow, yeah, that seems like a bit much. Also, my other bandmates sing...I''l do four, someone eslse will do one, back and forth like that all night. I dont think I could go 50 on my best night.

As far as "the next day" thing, when healthy I feel all day (usually Saturday) like I cant go...but lo and behold, come show time, Im back up and running.. Its a mystery to me, but I've learned to let go and trust myself.

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Hi everyone!

My name is Lily and i sing in a rock/blues and soul band. We play covers but also we are doing our own music.

Our show contains about 25 or 30 songs and i can only say that i am really tired after the gig. I can see that you are all greate because i couldn't sing so many songs and we have long guitar solos and i also think that is very important if you have difficult songs that contains a big vocal range.

sorry for my english pronunciation i am from Slovenia :).

My best wishes to you all :)

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