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What type of register/voice style is this singer using?

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First of all my name is Alvin and I am new to this forum as a member but I have been on this forum looking through a lot of the posts trying to understand my voice or how voice works in general. Anyways back to the point my idol singer goes by the name of Jaejoong or nickname Hero. I am wondering if this person is always in his head voice/mix. I definitely love his style of singing and I have been trying to understand his style of years but I just can't figure out how he does it. Is it more on the nasal side when he sings? If so does that mean hes using a lot of his pharyngeal?

In this video he the main part that I am interested in is 4:05-4:12 when he sings "subete wo tsukushite" and then also when he sings 4:24-4:52:


And this is another video of him solo singing:


Any help on finding out his style would be greatly appreciated. Lol is it funny because I feel like I am starting to become depressed because all these years of singing and trying to find out how he sings/mimicing and I still feel like I am not even close to his level.



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