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Something about formants

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Hey everyone

I'm new here and really enjoying the forum, seems to be quite a lot of good info here.

I've been playing around with a voice analyzer to see what's going on with my voice and I've found that there are always big spikes around the 1500 - 2000Hz range, whether singing a low note in chest or going into head-voice,

I must add that I tried this at below speech level with no resonance (and on a state of the art $5 microphone :P )

Singing louder and with resonance in chest gives me 4th and 5th harmonic spikes (haven't tried head-voice yet)

So the question is really about which formants I want to have and how it differs for chest and head?

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And I thought I was gonna get a simple answer :lol:


jaaki: I apologize for the density of information in the thread that Keith pointed you to. I an some others are discussing some of the quite-detailed implications of vocal resonance, and particulary how using the articulators moves the resonances.

You say you have big spikes in the 1500-2000 Hz range. That's cool! I am glad to hear that you are using some spectrum analysis, too. I love doing that.

As you probably determined by now, the individual spikes on the spectrum are harmonics, and their relative strength varies as you change the vowel sounds you are singing.

There is a lot that we could delve into, but what are you most interested to learn?

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I use voice analyzer pro on my iPhone.. Or should I say, rather, I have it,.. Havent quit figured it all out, but it appears to show the frequency I am singing - then the harmonics to that frequency also. If I understand it's use correctly, I would use it to modify vowels enough so I get more harmonics?

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Steven, don't apologize... as I read through it, I thought "Learn to swim" and I made it through.

Starting to make sense of it.:lol:

In chest with resonance, my 2nd and 3rd drops off, and 4th and 5th picks up (from what I make out, this is good)

and as I hit head, I see I'm loosing some nasal resonance (4th and 5th drops slightly)

What I would like to know is, specifically in head, do I add more twang/tilt to strengthen the 2nd harmonic and how much, cause as I played around with it, I could make the 2nd harmonic disappear or take it all the way up to bigger than the 1st(original note)

I suppose this is kinda a round-about way, you know, 'seeing' what your voice should sound like:lol:

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It's the activity of the TA that will help strengthen the 2nd harmonic in head. The 2nd harmonic will be higher in amplitude at the source of the signal - the vocal folds, when the folds spend more time in touching eachother than not touching eachother (closed quotient higher). This will occur with thicker folds. Keeping TA active will thicken the folds. However this is not easy and seems to take a lot of time working through the passagio gradually lessening the TA, instead of abrubtly lessening it. The folds need to thin out - so one strategy is to reduce TA quite a bit at first (diminishing the 2nd harmonic), and then adding TA later. Semi occluded phonations really help here.

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