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Successful Nasal Surgery...

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Voice of Protius

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:)Hi All!

I'm a new member. Glad to be here.

I just wanted to share something with my fellow vocalists that may help anyone who has suffered with chronic sinusitis & nasal polyps--OR who may not even realize they have these things! I see a lot of topics on the forum related to mucus production, etc, and it makes me wonder...

For MANY years I was a sick individual, and didn't know it. I can't remember a time when I DIDN'T have some kind of symptoms that hampered my quality of life. Finally, this spring, it came to a head--so to speak, and I decided I had to do something about my problem, because it was now completely affecting my musical progress and my sanity. That was completely UNACCEPTABLE to me since music and singing is my life.

I'd lost most of my olfactory ability, which led to poor tasting ability. I had hearing loss, due to a vacuum problem in my eustatian tube, so, my right ear was lacking, and it was killing my intonation in loud room situations. I had asthma and I couldn't laugh or run. I was always sickly as a kid, and it followed me into adulthood. I was dizzy most of the time, and I'd fall over if I wasn't careful--this also affected my driving, since we live in a hilly area, the changes in altitude gave me vertigo while driving(nice, right?).

But MOST OF ALL, my voice quality suffered, and I lost my confidence. Who was I kidding? I thought I had a great voice, but for some reason, no one else was hearing me. I couldn't hear well, so I became a low talker in social situations, because ironically, I was afraid of talking too loudly! This caused my hubby to complain that I mumbled, and he kept asking me to repeat myself. I always felt like I was straining to be heard(BECAUSE, IN REALITY, I ACTUALLY WAS). I honestly didn't think I was mumbling. It was as if I had a muffler inside of my face, and everything was being stifled. I had pretty damned good vocal ability and range (even if I do say so myself--my vocal coach assured me I was exceptional), but no one was hearing me to my full potential--EVEN I DIDN'T KNOW MY FULL POTENTIAL, as I was to find out!

I went to the ENT. They'd tried wide range antibiotics up to Cipro, and it would keep things at bay--until the next time. Steroids were effective, but I couldn't live with the side effects, and they were only temporary. Soooo, the last resort was surgery. I WAS PETRIFIED:o. I remember a report from long ago that said Connie Francis' voice was ruined after surgery. I couldn't bare to lose my voice--or what I THOUGHT was my sound. --And, what about all the blood and gore?!! Who wants to put themselves through all that pain and suffering? --Of course, I was already suffering, so why would that be any worse? After giving it a couple of months to settle in, I decided to go through with it.

That was on May 11, 2009. It is now the end of August, and I haven't looked back!!!!:D

I am doing some wonderful power vocals for a group called Protius Project. The boys are thrilled! Tell me I'm the best vocalist that has ever come through their studio! It means so much to me to hear that. My family can't shut me up! LOL! My asthma's under control. I can run for the first time in my life! I'm not a mouth breather anymore. I project confidently, still wondering if I truly am too loud now--but I don't care! LOL!:lol: I'm still learning how to use this new powerful instument, and I'm loving every minute of exploration. My vocal quality has changed, but for all I know, I might always have sounded this way if I'd had surgery sooner.

In closing, if anyone has suffered as much as I have, and you're contemplating having something done, seriously weigh your circumstances, and if you decide on something like this, I can tell you that the physical recovery was quick, and the benefits greatly outweigh anything else.

I wish everyone peace, health and happiness,


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One more thing...

If anyone is interested in my own method of post surgical recovery, I'd be glad to share the process. It was very effective. I was able to physically heal within 4 weeks time, which amazed the ENT. Originally, he'd given me much longer, and he asked me for ideas to give to other patients.

I'm not saying this hasn't been a long process of learning a new instrument, but because I have a background in health, I was able to devise a long term plan that involves patience and kindness to oneself. Having an open mind is the key to success.

Thanks for reading,


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I seem forever stuffy and have wondered about something like this myself over the years. Combine the stuffiness with my crowded tonsils and it's a wonder I have the voice I do! :rolleyes:

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us and all the best in life and music. ;)

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Jillian - I'd love for you to share your recovery process & tools. I see a number of voice patients who go through surgery; some recover quickly & for some the after-effects really linger. Everyone's system & mind-body-budget resources are unique, but as a kind of health coach I appreciate all suggestions I can sift & pass on.

thanks! and congratulations on the good result, & your active participation in getting well!


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Nasal surgery may improve the appearance of the nose and face as a whole. Changes can be made may include changing the shape or size of the nostrils, to adjust the nose cut off, removing lumps, bumps, or odd, increasing or decreasing the size, and is shrinking or expanding it.

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I think the most interesting part was several weeks after the surgery. When they removed all the padding and shapers and whatnot from inside my nostrils, it was amazing to be able to breathe through my nose.

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