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How to get this "scratchy" vocal quality of Biago Antonacci?

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I haven't seen anyone discuss this specifically before.

This Italian singer Biago Antonacci sings with this scratchy tone in voice, but he seems to be able to turn it off and on, because there are parts where his voice doesn't have that quality in it.

Here's a live performance of "Tra te e il mare" by Laura Pausini with Biago Antonacci. You'll have to watch the full performance to see the variations of this thing he does.


Here's the studio recorded version of the same song. You can hear what he's doing somewhat clearer on some parts.


It sounds similar to a straining sound in some ways, but in other ways it sounds like it's coming from the same place the "hard rock" rasp some of us have been trying to achieve.

Where to even begin?

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