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Weird feeling after singing...?

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I've been practicing the very basics of singing by doing sirens and continuing to thin out the voice as it got higher.

Although I don't feel strain while I am doing the exercises, I feel a very weird sensation after I finish. Before, when I used to sing with bad habits, it was my throat that felt very strained and tight after singing. However, now, I have a similar feeling but instead of the feeling being in my throat, I feel it in the middle of my face where the nose is or right above the mouth. Sometimes the feeling is at the top of my head as well, but it's very hard to describe.

I know that I'm not supposed to show signs of any fatigue, pain, or strain, but I'm not sure if these sensations fall into these categories. Am I supposed to feel something like this after I sing?

Also, when I start to talk after doing these exercises, that is when my throat starts to slightly constrict because I don't thin out my voice in normal speech. This feeling goes away after a while, or after I eat (maybe related to chewing). Is this normal as well?

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