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Vowel Modification

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I was recently reading an interview with Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge, and he talked about vowel modification as being one of the pillars of his technique.

I also heard this in countless other places... and realized I don't really do it at all. Maybe this is why I can't sing everything in Ken Tamplin's amazing 80's catalog :)

I was wondering if someone could provide a basic, general chart for modifications for a tenor voice. IE "An 'AHH' vowel should be shifted to 'UHH' around A4,

"This vowel, should be shifted towards THIS vowel, at approximately THIS place, etc"

Would be extremely helpful! Thanks guys!


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I have built that VERY thing in "The Four Pillars of Singing" 2.0 Steve. In the new Pillars, we review the IPA vowel alphabet to get on the right track with vowel sounds, then we translate it to language vowels... then we identify which language vowels are favorable for singing, approximately 3 and which language vowels are not... all the rest, the chokers... then I developed a matrix that shows you how to modify the choker vowels into favorable open vowel alternatives with diphthongs. It is exactly what you are asking for.

Good luck to you.

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