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Do I have polyps/nodules/damage?

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Hi. About a couple of weeks ago, I was out for a friends birthday, where I got very lairy and was yelling my face off all night. When I woke up in the morning, I found that I couldn't sing at all, apart from a very low and comfortable range with barely any practical use. Couldn't do any falsetto whatsoever, attempting it just resulted in a really wimpy high-pitched squeal that was uncontrollable.

This lasted for about 3-4 days, and throughout the week my voice came back a bit more and I was able to do falsetto easily again and sing with a still slightly weaker head voice - at the moment I have a chesty cough. So I'm able to sing, falsetto AND flat-out scream mostly like I used to.

- but there's one upper register technique I use frequently that hasn't repaired at all, that I really need to get back for some recordings. It's like around the A3 sort of area (I'm mostly higher baritone range with singing) and had a powerful grit to it like metallica/steel panther style.

I was able to do it for about a year in short bursts every now and again, so I don't think there's any damage happening to my voice when I did it, it just hasn't repaired in the two weeks at all. Whenever I try to belt the notes the voice just isn't there, and with all the diaphragm pushing it, I'm still restricted from these higher notes.

I'm sure I have vocal damage, I haven't got professional advice yet, what does it sound like to you?



PS - this isn't shameless plug, but if you want to hear the upper register voice I'm talking about, follow this link - - and listen to 'Kaeps' around the 1:30 mark

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You need to go to a good voice doctor! Especially if nothing has changed in two weeks.

There are different kinds of damage that could come from what you describe of extreme activity and problems in sound. Treatment/recovery options depend on correct diagnosis. A burst blood vessel might heal with time, a cyst would not ... so beg/borrow money for a good evaluation with videostroboscopy (viewing your cords up- close-in-slow-motion) & knowledgeable team, let me know if you need help finding a clinic in your area.

Meantime, try to "sing around" the problem area, keeping your process/technique the same as it was; otherwise you'll unconsciously settle into new layers of compensatory tension (maladaptation) that will give you more trouble in the future.

steam treatments, throat-massage, and laying off alcohol/coffee may help a little, worth a try for a week or so. I'm guessing though that that level of self-care won't be enough in your case.

best wishes,


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