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Stumbled across this website many times and forgot to bookmark it.

Some interesting things that I myself forget so I thought I'd share it.


If this thread in any way violates any terms and conditions of posting to other web pages etc, feel free to delete the thread, I just simply like to share the wealth of information.

Feel free to digress.

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Another of my favorite sites to resource, even for myself. In fact, let me link a page from it that expresses one of my favorite points to "hammer across the forum." Song choice. Not every voice will sound right on the same song. Or, more accurately, sound the same as the original on that song. Which will never stop me from singing "Highway to Hell," even though I will never sound like Bon Scott, regardless of whatever teaching system there is. How's that for some irony?


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You know what?

I like that point. How can you strive to sing if you only wish to impersonate someone else? Yes I know there are impersonators and they make a living from it, and yes at times I do wish I could sound like some of my favourite singers but then again how would I make a career? Sounding like someone else only leads to people thinking your that person.

"OH WOW, have you heard [insert name]?"

"Isn't that [insert name]?"

"Oh wait"

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i believe there is some benefit to be gained by "constructive" emulation. i'm not saying strive to sound exactly like anyone, but there might be a particular tone or style which benefits you to be subjected to in terms of giving you versatility and depth.

i'm glad i was subjected to a lot of motown growing up as well as guys like (yup, you knew it was coming) lou gramm, elvis, paul rodgers, robert plant, marvin gaye, smoky robinson, aretha franklin (just the tip of the iceberg). these singers exuded sexuality and passion in their vocals and i identified with their intensity, and their commitment to really feeling the songs.

ron, you can come over to new york and kick my 58 year old italian ass,...(lol!!!!!!) but again respectfully, one can move their voice to sound a certain way to a degree if they work on it. it has a lot to do with the mind willing the change too.

sorry buddy, but that's just my opinion.

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