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good video of vocal nodes

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I think this might be a good way for a singer to self-diagnose himself--to raise the awareness caution flags, before spending the time and money to visit a physician. If sounds funny, best may be just to go with the silence treatment for a couple of weeks.

While self-diagnosis may be possible, and complete vocal silence a reasonable theraputic component, that does not necessarily address the cause of the nodes: chronic voice mis-use.

There are some additional considerations: 1) When ENT has a visually verified diagnosis of vocal nodes, the silence to be observed is complete, and lasts ~6 weeks. 2) For kids in school, and adults who are working, 6 weeks of not talking is not only difficult, it imposes constraints on interactions that may be otherwise required for the individual. To have 'Doctors Orders' to not speak puts the individual out of the position of having to defend their own opinion that they 'might' have nodes. 3) Once the silence period is complete, the individual now needs to use their voice in a manner which does not re-introduce nodes. If the nodes were a 'one-time' thing, then no problem. If, however, there was chronic mis-use, then the speaking and/or singing habits of the individual must be adjusted, or the nodes will return.

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