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I am looking for some backing tracks, I have thousands, so if someone has the ones I want, I could trade.. For starters, I would like the backing track to'

"Send Me an Angel" by Scorpians...

Anyway, I sing enough metal in my band, so I was thinking in addition to exersises, I would sing some songs that had places where head voice is used, in hopes to better get a "feel" for it.

I didn't know where the best spot for this to go, but I figure since emulating other artists involves technique, this is a good a spot as any... Please let me know if this is a bad location and I'll post it somewhere else.

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Kevin's 60 years old this year (2011,) and still batting it out the park. Proof that 58, for some, ain't too old, 'ight?

Even at my tender age of 47, I ain't too old to rock and roll. Nor is anyone else here. So, I don't want to hear no more from some people about how their age or background or whatever is holding them back. Shaddup and sing like you mean it.

Side note, the guitar playing in this song has been underrated for far too long. In fact, the whole song is hard rock, whether people agree with me or not.

Off my soapbox, for now.

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Alright, Keith, make me work for it.

Here's a tiple dog dare because you have a similar voice. I absolutely know that you can nail this song before I even hear even a scratch track. And most of this song is head voice, except for the lowest low, and even that has a reduced weight, very lyrical, opposed to dramatic.


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Lol Here it is

Just downloaded "Alone Again" by Dokken. - I'll give that a shot. Was only $.89 lol

I knew I would be right. I should have bet some money on that. Well done, Keith.

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