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Four Pillars arrived today, question about content order...

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My Four Pillars showed up today and I read about 50 pages in but have not started any videos yet.

My question is: is there a certain timing or rhyme and reason to connecting the book with the videos or do you just read as much as you can and watch the videos simultaneously. I'm not sure if the book is supposed to correspond directly with DVDs in certain places or if it's just an addendum of sorts. I figured since Robert is abroad at the moment that some of you may know the answer without bothering him with it.


Oh, And looking forward to getting to know some of you in the near future. This should be a neat experience. I'm coming from guitar player/rock musician background mostly (over 20 years, and piano prior to that since second grade) my first real stab at singing, but I think I'll do pretty well. Just have to dedicate. My goal is to release a solo album of me doing everything in the next year or so. (I own a small studio as well, so by everything I mean vocals, drums, recording, mixing, mastering, EVERYTHING) strictly a personal project, an outlet and something to set a goal to.

Thanks again


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Thanks a lot Bob for notifying me of my customer.

Hi Paul, glad you got your new copy of "The Four Pillars of Singing" 2.0, I am actually in a little town outside of Nuremberg right now and its about 1:00 am... this is the first time today I could get to the internet.

For the most part, the book is independent to the videos, however you will find that at the end of many of the essays, I have provided a foot note that suggests one of the lecture videos that are relevant or discuss the same content. So while there is no comprehensive effort to great a cohesion between the book and video content as if it were programmatic, they do cross reference each other in the footnotes.

I am excited for you... dive right in. Make sure you listen to the "training with robert" audio cd in your car to get started and begin with your onsets and slow & controlled sirens. Come back to us here at TMV forum and let us know how your doing... of course, as my client, I am available for a few emails from time to time if you need help.

Lastly, do consider taking internet lessons with me if you can, it makes a huge difference in your progress.

Hope this helps and welcome to TVS!

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