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Anybody else think warming up is boring ?

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20 minutes is a small price to pay for a good warm-up. It depends on how the warm-up is done. Bruce Dickinson warms up for 30 minutes, mouth closed, smiling like a maniac, finding his resonant spaces. He gets odd looks from people backstage and that makes it fun for him.

You might try some funny voices while you are at it.

Or, warm-up on various pitches telling a short joke?

Try this lyric in a scale, ( which will work on pitch and articulation.)

"the aggie beats his head against a wall because it feels better when he stops."

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boring if you're not paying attention.

warming up ideally isn't just for the muscles & resonances, but for the mind & its connection to body.

There are a dozen aspects of body-posture you can focus on & monitor while running through vocalizes, and a dozen more nuances of attitude & emotion. Practice one of those during your 20 minutes & your artistry will grow even faster.

google Wynton Marsalis "twelve ways to practice" for more-

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Funny... it doesn't have to be boring but I admit, sometimes vocalise can be very linear. What I always try to do is think of it as a meditation. Force yourself to get into it... focus on perfection. Its a mantra, its a chant, listen to the sonorous vibes of your overtones and vowels. Slow down your heart rate. You have to give it some love and attention... if your just going through the motions and impatient and bored.. then your not getting the most out of it anyways. Remove "mtv", "xbox", "attention deficit disorder" that plagues us all... and learn to meditate.

One of my students and soon to be a TVS CI, Randy Loran... I love to watch him warm up in our lessons... he really slips into another state, you can see the focus and the silencing of the mind when he does it. Thats very pro.

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Look up Wynton Marsalis's "Twelve Ways to Practice," its posted several places online.

His recommendations will keep your mind so busy and focused, the workout session will be anything but boring!

Also check out Alexander Massey's blog at www.oxfordsinginglessons.co.uk -- excellent stuff on the purpose & value of warming up; I quote him in my book.

I believe that if you don't know what part of technique to attend to (mental focus) while doing a particular warmup, change teachers. For voice even more than instrumental practice (Marsalis) or sports or anything, the mental connection to subtle muscles AND to the emotions of the moment, are as important to strengthen as the muscle technique itself. Voice training should always have an element of mental training -- but with a whole-field, sensory, self-compassionate framework, not a worried nit-pick-analysis.

Like Robert says, give it loving attention.

Some of that vibe will leak into performing too & your audiences will feel the same love. worth the effort...

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