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Exam, male vocals.

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I am going to write an exam about male vocals in general, I'm going to have a week to write it, and the week begins in a month, but we are of course allowed to think of what we're going to write about. I will use this opportunity to learn a lot about vocals.

I am sitting mind-mapping ideas, and at this moment this is what I've come to:

The ideal through history

Vocal classification (and the problems hereof)

Trials and errors, questionable practices.



The voice and the mind


Listen to the same song, sung by three different people. What are they doing compared to each other?

Analyse an avantasia song and compare it to a justin bieber song as an example.

If anyone have ideas or/and links to sources where I could answer some of my current ideas, I would appreciate it a lot! :)

(I am of course going to search this forum down to every post)


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Sounds like quite an undertaking. And I bet you can write a really good paper on it. And I would like a chance to read it, if possible (I'm addicted to reading, something I have been doing since the age of 4, though, before that, I was going through the encyclopedias we had looking at pictures and forming questions about "words." My father taught me how to read and it was something I found easy to do.)

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