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Vocal dominance

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I completely agree. jonpall. And I had no idea our very own Jens and Marcus did this. Singing should be fun.

Looking back through old threads, one day, I found a thread for a song for the forum, in which Jens and Marcus were primary performers. It would be neat to do something like that, again.

Sort of a "We are Stars," TMV - style.

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I just realized, too, that we would not be able to accomplish another multi-voice collaberation. That would require usually having working links to the music, getting people to perform by a deadline, Any number of logistical problems that could pop up and snag it.

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The walrus is always my favorite :) .

Adolph, I could try to submit it on the main site, but since I didn't make this video, I think Jens and Marcus should give permission first. Either me or them could try posting it on the main site. Btw. how does one submit stuff on the main site?

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  • Administrator

@ jonpall

If you want to add videos on the Main Site all you have to do is scroll down below the "Featured Videos" in the right hand pane on your page (or the Homepage/Members page). Then, click on "Add Videos".

If you wish to add music, Click on "Add Music" (Left Hand pane) on your profile page or the Homepage.

@ Jens

Thank you.... I DID locate your video on YouTube, but since it's yours and Marcus', Id prefer that you do so.

It's really COOL and I'd like to Feature it :cool:

Here's a couple of links (tutorials) to assist all the Forum members with adding material to the Main Site :

>> http://www.themodernvocalist.com/page/new-member-quick-start-guide

>> http://www.themodernvocalist.com/group/howtousetmv

Also, I pour through the material several times daily here in the Forum Section and wonder WHY it isn't posted on the Main Site ???

To ALL of our members : I made a post here not long ago asking the Forum members to post more on the Main Site..... (I can't recall the "category" offhand ?)

I've found some phenomenal songs and videos, and am wondering why many of you aren't doing just that !!! Our GOAL is to FEATURE and SPOTLIGHT our very own members who are dedicated to TMV !!!

Hope to see "YOU" on the Main Site soon :)

Sincere Regards


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Ah, it could be a religious thing against posting on the main site. I had not thought of that until just now. Interesting. Proof that I don't know everything there is about religion.

Well, if the original authors will simply sign a statement releasing copyright, you could not only do what you wanted with it but get all the royalties. You'd be surprised what goes viral in Cyber-life.

What the heck, sign that copyright over to me. I know what to do with it, I think.

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