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What's my type of voice?

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Hey. I would ask you what's my type of voice? Tenor, low tenor or high baritone? Would you help me :) ?

It's not good quality, I know..

Polly - Nirvana


My speaking voice (I'm from Poland)


Give in to me - Ville Valo:


I can't sing in middle voice high very well but my high notes:

Around F#4




Terrible C5


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Let me disagree with geran on one point. I didn't hear any bass quality in your voice, even considering the low tech of your mic. Not even some baritone ring. You are a tenor, easily lyric, though, with some work, it might turn that you are a leggiero tenor. There is a light weight to your voice, like mine. In fact, in your submission of "Give in to Me," you were weakest in the low end, trying to sing notes that were below your range. If you took the lowest notes in that song and sang them higher, you would sound so much stronger. Try that, just for an experiment. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

I have a theory. See if you can try "Fight the Good Fight" by Triumph. Even just the chorus. "Fight the good fight every moment. Every minute, every day ..." Don't drop your jaw so much. Your resonance will tighten and the volume might just give you a headache.

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Actually, I like Kevin's notes and yeah, he's singing them clean. Big crime, I guess. Anyway, I don't hear any bass in his voice. I have watched a number of his videos. In fact, his videos led me to this forum. And I've never heard him sing a bass note, so I am not sure how he gets the description of basso-baritone. In fact, I've never really heard the baritone "ring" in his voice.

That's not to say that a bass cannot sing a tenor note. Axl Rose sang bass in choir and was singing bass when his band started as Hollywood Rose and later changed to Guns and Roses when it was just hiim, Tracii Guns and Rob Gardner. Even then, he was singing bass. One day, he decided to sing one of the songs in a buzzsaw whining "tenor"range. Gardner thought it was neat and convinced him to do that some more. (Sorry, my useless trivia rears its ugly head.)

But even if Kevin could go from bass to leggiero tenor (and I've never heard him do that,) that would still be a matter of genetics. The voice is not plug-and-play. Each voice is unique and has limitations, as well as glorious abilities, singular to that person's voice.

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geran89: His "full voice" as you call it is what we here in Sweden call "falsetto" (or on these boards head voice). That has nothing to do with fach :3 That guy is not a bass anywhere :P

"Bass" notes is about the timbre, quality etc. If you can fry a low B that doesn't mean anything. It's not a bass note unless you get a full chesty sound out of it.

Same with tenor notes, just because you can do some loud head voice screams that doesn't mean it's a tenor note. A chesty bright narrow vowel on an A before tenor C and you got me convinced.

Range =/= fach.

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