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So it was recently my birthday and one of my gifts was four 1 hour lessons with a tutor about an hour away from me.

I've looked into his lessons and they are £20 an hour. Is it wrong I'm puzzled why they are so cheap? Am I being too prejudiced because I haven't had a lesson yet but I'm worried he'll not meet my requirements and take me on the right path.

I'm overly eager to jump back into practising as I've had cold recently and I've been trying to get back into Four Pillars and hopefully set up a Skype session with Rob.

Maybe he is simply offering a cheap service and isn't sure of the deal he's doing. I had a tutor not long ago who I didn't give enough chance and he charged the same and a student of his went very far in the XFactor. Maybe that's down to the student. That tutor is now in America doing some big things.

Maybe I'm being prejudice and no truly know until my 4 lessons are over.

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D, methinks thou art overthinking it. Cost is not the issue, expensive or inexpensive. Does the lesson work for you? Some of the best stuff I have read is on my Kindle, downloaded for free. Other times, I have paid say $20 USD for caca del Toros (if it's in a language other than English, does it count as profanity, even if it's merely a gringo use of Espanol?) Questions, always questions ....

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