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cover of tracy chapmans - revolution

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Hi folks.

I decided to try this tune after watching the news lately. :)

I'm hoping that some of the regulars can take a listen, Its not a heavy tune at all, its a simple style just me and the guitar. I have done some compression and reverb during the mix to try and give it some life.

I would like feedback on the tone of voice during the higher phrases. I have been working alot on breath control and jaw tension and head voice stuff with Robert Lunte over the past year.

I know there is aways to go yet. But I am looking for abit of a checkpoint and welcome the critique.

The tune tops out at a G4, and if you cant tell Im a male. :) just sayin as I know the tune is from a female singer.

If possible perhaps ignore flaws in the recording/mix process, and perhaps narrow in on the vocals.. Im wondering as I write this if maybe I should put up a completely dry version?

Heres the link:




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I am not familiar with the original version (cause I'm a metal head) but your version is very nicely done. You have great tone and great pitch. My only critique would be try to sing "the song" and not just the words" .. If that makes any sense. Here in NY, I would say add more soul (not R&B, but Your Soul). Give it some passion. Own that and every song you sing. Again, great job man. Keep it up!


I have TMJ, so I know what jaw tension can to do ya!

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