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How Do I Improve Tone?

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I'm new to the forum and have just begun to get serious about singing.

I'm a baritone, and get lots of compliments when singing in my comfort zone.

I have been working Robert Lunte's Four Pillars for about a week, and can reach B4, but when getting to High C my vibrato is gone. Past that point all I can muster is falsetto.

I have pretty good tone in my lower baritone range, but the higher I go, the more unpleasant my voice becomes. By the time I get to High C it isn't pretty. For lack of a better term, it sounds "screechy" to me.

I don't feel strained, and if I siren up, or hit the notes cold, it doesn't sound too terribly bad. But when I try to sing an actual song anywhere above my comfort range, things get ugly.

I would like to have the richness of my "Jim Morrison" voice while singing above C4.

Are there any specific hints, tips, or exercises?



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