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Trouble with lower notes

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Hello everyone, this is my first time on the forums.

I really love songs with low voices, my favorite at the moment being Josh Turner's "Why Don't We Just Dance", which brings me to the subject of this post. Whenever I try to sing lower than some note (probably around G2, maybe Ab2), I feel this sort of "tightness" and am unable to project my voice and also start to sound sort of gravelly. I've recorded an example to demonstrate what I mean:


As you can hear, my voice sounds rather funny when I try to sing those lower notes. Would it be possible to improve my voice in that lower range?

I look forward to hearing from y'all!

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well in my experience its definitely possible.

are you using any kind of singing program ?

it takes a little longer then building high notes, but uses the same principle.

do your exercises, and gradually take them a step lower each time

try singing a Siren on the "NG" vowel (as in sing)

* i give all credit to geno on this forum for that exercise, it has made me a better singer ten fold*

it can definitely happen though, the first song i posted on this forum, i could barely sing C3-B2

Now on a good day i can go as low as E2!!

Just take your time, and make sure your not hurting your voice :)

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Hey Chavie,

Thanks for the post. I'm actually meeting with a teacher, but am on a little break right now.

I tried the "ng" and it actually cleared up my voice a bit! Thanks a lot!

I definitely don't feel like I'm hurting myself, in fact it feels gooood to sing low, my whole body rumbles when I do.

I really appreciate the siren tip, I'm going to keep working on that and post up a clip when I feel I've made progress.

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when you descend in pitch, your vocal folds relax and contract. you need to apply a little more support yet relax into the notes.

you don't want to push. and try not to drop down too deep into the throat. try this, just do a nice gentle "sigh' ahhhhh...as you descend relax, and keep the voice in a heady tone, don't let it drop into the throat.

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