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Has anyone ever experimeted with excersises for gag reflex?

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In jamie venderas book he talks about excersises that will gradually lessen your gag reflex by sticking your fingers down your throat farther and farther each time. i know it sounds weird but it kind of makes sense? can anyone vouch for this before I try this

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Squeeze/pull on your left thumb in a fist with your left hand. Now put a finger down your throat.

Should be gone.

TBH it does nothing, don't see the fascination. It'll only come back, it's natural.

You ever chocked on your notes? Like gagged? I haven't don't think anyone has.

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Not to be offensive, but this subject has interested me considering how many great, gay singers there are. Freddie Mercury, Adam Lambert, George Michael, Little Richard, Rob Halford... as well as countless female singers...maybe one of the things many of us are doing wrong is due to who we are doing. I am partially kidding of course, but it's food for thought.

Not intended to be homophobic or anything like that.

Edit: Oh yeah, and perhaps vocal habits are bettered in those who are less intent in sounding overly masculine (forcing a lower sounding voice out).


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What do you exactly mean by gag?

Anyhow, Alan Greene's book explains relaxing the vocal apparatus by sticking in a finger etc. This makes sense.

Think of gagging and retching as body's mechanisms for releasing tension, that culture has suppressed as socially inappropriate. Yet, if these tensions are stored in the vocal apparatus, suppressed, your vocal apparatus can't fully relax or strengthen-- it is simply tense--. This means your singing is made more difficult.

Using the finger is one way, but there are others.

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