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Keeping the voice in shape while on vacation

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After two weeks of work far away from home, I finally started my sessions again, and certainly started to sing. Terrifying... After a half an hour of warm up, and some easy pop songs, I went for my favourite Helloween ones. I wasn't sore, dry or strained, but I sounded like the guys from Jonas Brothers(not an offense, just it wasn't my goal). It wasn't aching just you know, couldn't open up, and had no air enough. It took me 3-4 days to recuperate. After every 3-4 days off, I always have those terrible days to get in shape. The question is:

How can you anticipate those recuperation days?

- How can you keep your voice in shape without massive vocalising, and singing on your top

- What are the main reasons of losing the voice (diaphragm weakness, forgetting the muscle-control)?

-What are the best non vocal exercises that you can do on a vacation?

-Plan two daily schedules for vacation. 1. if you are in a town, and some easy humming is in game, 2. If you are in a room with 5 other guys, so you cant really vocalise.

Maybe jogging, more bullfrogs, or something can help.

Please help, i cant live through again those bad days..

Thank you beforehand for the answers..


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