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Your eyes, make up and your voice.

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I decided to post this in vocal health because I was not certain in which catagory it should go.

First off You should make sure your tears ducts stay clear, singing for long periods of time in upper register can cause your tear ducts to compact and eyes to swell. I recommend you cleanse and refresh your eyes with eye drops.

More over this post is directed to theatre singers, although it may apply to all ladies and rocker dudes who use eyeliner or stage make up.

Makeup is a bacterial breeding bed. When working in theatre I observed the make up containers usually left out and open. In most cases the same makeup from the same containers was used on the entire cast. If you can, buy and bring your own. Rockers, Ladies using eyeliner pencil should sharpen and shave the used outer layer off. This may seem like a ridiculus post, but I saw one girl nearly loose an eye during a production. Make up has a high moisture content and holds living bacteria and virus like a petri dish. Sometime it the little things that cause damage- not the technique, but small unforseen things. Beware also when eating fresh fish out in resturants. I saw someone really wreck his voice because the fish had not been de-boned properly.

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I think good post Darrison and agree! It's also tough in smoky atmospheres...I still to this day get my eyes streaming in smoky places, or with the wrong make up. Theatre make up is really tough to deal with and like you say...the bacteria gets into the skin! Strong lighting on stage and dry ice too can cause dry but runny eyes! :cool: H

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I know this is an old thread but I cannot stop myself from correcting the trivia. Mama Cass from the Mamas and the Papas did not die from choking on food. She had congenital heart failure. Her heart was weak due to inherited problems and it altered her metabolism, causing her to gain weight, in spite of the fact that she actually ate healthy food in small amounts. What happened was, she had heart failure at a meal time. But cause of death was heart failure not foreign body asphyxiation.

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